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At TransLingua, we don’t just convert words, we help you communicate effectively in any language, any subject, any part of the world.

Globalization and technological advances have affected many industries, but when it comes to translation, the human touch is crucial. Knowing how to convey a message in another language while maintaining the spirit of the original text requires linguistic as well as creative skills.

TransLingua's professional linguists for each project are selected based on their knowledge of the specific field as well as their experience in the target market. They work together with you to ensure that the cultural nuances and subtleties of your message carry through to the final translation. For more information about our services, call us at (646) 767-6094.

We Specialize in:

  • Advertising and Branding/Logos
  • Brochures/Marketing Materials
  • Ads/Commercials/Movies/Documentaries/Product Videos
  • Websites/Apps/TV/Radio
  • Subtitling/Voice-Overs
  • Press Conferences/Interviews/Meetings/Seminars and Conventions
  • Manuals/User Guides/IFUs
  • Product Packaging/Inserts
  • Software Localization

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